The JRF Squad History


The JRF Squad is not something that happened overnight.  In fact,  it is a lifestyle that started over ten years ago by Johnny Favinger and his dad.  As Johnny decided to take up stock car racing in high school, with the help of his father they put together a vehicle representing the black and pink colors and the pink panther logo. Johnny raced under the name “JRF Motorsports”.  The black and pink colors were favorites of Johnny and his father and the pink panther logo was inspired by his neighbor Herbert.

To put it simply, the car and everything became a hit.  People gravitated to the colors black and pink and the panther logo.  Friends started to become involved as well, becoming part of Johny’s pit crew when he would race and help work on the stock car.  All the friends embraced partying and living life to the fullest.

Starting in 2009, a bunch of high school friends who literally just graduated, decided to join a slow-pitch softball league. Since Johnny was part of this group of friends, his dad was nice enough to help sponsor the team. The team resembled the black and pink color with the pink panther logo and their shirts became popular immediately amongst peers. Over the years the group of high school friends has stayed together whether it be partying together, raising money for charities, or playing in sports leagues and has evolved in what it is today despite the unfortunate passing of Johnny’s dad in 2015.

The spirit of the colors black and pink and the panther will forever live with the tight-knit group of high school friends. It is a legacy that will be passed on to generations. Everyone that has encountered what we do embraces it.  Now we love to share this special lifestyle with the whole world. #BlackandPink.

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