A Little Trip Down Good Ole Memory Lane




For those that may not be aware, the JRF Panthers are a softball team of the JRF Squad. Back when the JRF Panthers started playing softball back in 2009, things were different. Pictures were being taken by old phones with poor resolution. iPhones and Androids were not what they were today. So, when you watch the video below try not to laugh too hard at some of the poor quality pictures…. take in mind these were probably taken with a very cheap 2009 android. 

The JRF Panthers have been around for 10 seasons, started playing ball right of high school and now all about to hit the big 30. Just take a look at the transformation below in the photo.


If I had to say, the transformation is for the better. This being said, a lot of things are starting to look for the better when for the JRF Panthers team. In 2009, the team went winless 0-32. Today that is not the case. The team is by no means a powerhouse, (Though they hope to change this in 2019) but they are longer going winless. As the team finally catches up with the times and looks to transition to more video footage in its 11th season, we like to take a look back the past 10 years with a good ole fashion slide show.  And what better to watch the slide show than with The Atari’s cover to The Boys of Summer, John Fogurty’s Centerfield, and Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down. 

We considered throwing in some Hardball by Lil Bow Wow and Sammie from the Movie Hardball or the song Batter Up by Nelly. Those songs did not seem to transition well to Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down, which you could say is the theme song to this JRF Panthers team because no matter what has happened to this team over the 10 years they keep on showing up just like they plan to in 2019.


This video does not capture the team at is finest moments. It does not show all the beer drinking, trash talking, and players fighting but you all probably all already knew that. Anyway, I hoped you enjoy the slideshow… Hopefully, it wasn’t too corny and you did not laugh too hard… or cry if your one that gets moved by nostalgia. Here is to the 2019 Season!


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