04/15/2019-Music Monday: Nipsey Hussle

With the unfortunate passing of Nipsey Hussle on 03/31/2019, it was only right the JRF Squad do a Monday Music shout out in honor of him. For those that may not know Ermias Joseph Asghedom, (AKA Nipsey Hussle) was more than just a hip-hop artist. He was an innovator, entrepreneur, and huge community investor. He had done so much for the southern neighborhoods of Los Angeles and more. He also dated the stunning actress Lauren London



Musically Nipsey Hussle was on the rise. He started out selling mixtapes The Marathon and Crenshaw and eventually in 2019 had a Grammy-nominated album Victory Lap which was nominated for BEST RAP ALBUM. You can check out some of Nipsey Hussle’s music below.


Once the word got out it that Nipsey was shot and murdered out front his personal Marathon Clothing store Sunday, March 31, it hit the world hard. As mentioned earlier Nipsey was more than a hip hop artist. He was someone many people looked up to in the community. He was a  philanthropist.  To learn more about all the work Nipsey did for the community click here.

People from all industries have shown support for Nipsey since his death. Below are just a few of the celebs that have spoken out. 

RIP Nipsey Hussle. It is only right the JRF Squad gives this #Musicmonday shout out to you. We hope to be as active in the community as you were! 

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