04/22/2019-Music Monday: Top 10 Songs About Marijuana

It was not only Easter this past weekend… it was 4/20! As you can imagine to those that celebrate Easter and 4/20 you can bet they were looking like Snoop Dogg in the photo below…f3e6ff803707e4e1ffb28cf88cc547a7

Talking about Snoop Dogg we will get to him later in this article as instead of giving this #Mondaymusic shoutout to a specific artist or song, we decided to give all of you what the squad thinks is the 10 best songs about marijuana of all time. We thought hard about this list. We had at least one song from a variety of genres. Let us know what you think. What songs did we miss?

#10- Kid Cudi- Day n Nite – It has been awhile since Kid Cudi has had a major hit but this tune right here will hold a special place in every stoners heart.


#9 – Tom Petty – Mary Jane’s Last Dance– This song may be about Tom Petty’s overall battle with drugs but with a title called  Mary Jane’s Last Dance we had to incorporate it in our list. Like always the great Tom Petty did not disappoint with this one.


#8 – Devin the Dude- Doobie Ashtray – Unless your a hardcore hip hop fan you may never have heard of Devin the Dude.  If you never heard of him it is a shame because this is a classic song about weed. Check it out.


#7 – Bone Thugs N Harmony – Weed Song – Unlike Devin the Dude, we know all you know of Bone Thugs N Harmony. This is a classic for all stoners and comes in at number 7 on our list.  


#6 – Willie Nelson -All Going to the Pot- Our only country song on this list goes to who else than Willie Nelson. Eric Church’ song Smoke A Lil Smoke was in strong consideration for the top 10 but at the end of the day did not make our cut.


#5 – Rick James – Mary Jane I am in Love with Mary Jane… She’s My Main Thing


#4-Sublime -Smoke Two Joints- One word… Classic


#3 Bob Marley – Kaya – You can not have a list without Bob Marley on it.


#2- Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf- This rock song makes a huge tribute to marijuana.


#1= Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre- The Next Episode – Ah yes! Snoop Dogg. Just like Bob Marley, you can not have a list without his name on it. The best part about this song is the ending.  Say it with us, every one… Heyyyyeyyy……. Smoke Weed Everyday!!


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