05/06/2019-Music Monday: Meek Mill

With the Philadelphia rapper turning 32 on Monday, May 6th it was only right the JRF Squad give him this week’s #MondayMusic Shout-out!

Many of you may know Meek for various reasons. You may be a huge fan of his music. You may know him as the guy who dated Nikki Minaj or know him as the guy that had beef with Drake.  You may have heard about his ongoing issues with Judge Genece Brinkley, which highlights the current problems with our criminal system today. Philadelphia Eagles fans may know him as the rapper whose song “Dreams and Nightmares” was played before the Eagles came out onto the field during their 2018 Super Bowl Run, including the super bowl game itself. Check it out for yourself starting at the 1:10 min mark in the video below.


Here today we are going to remember Meek Mill for his music. Even if he took an L in his beef with Drake… Meek Mill still has made hits for dayysss. Below is a list of our top 5 Meek Mill songs.

#5 Meek Mill- Won’t Stop- You can not help but feel motivated after listening to this jawn right here


# 4-Meek Mill- Rose RedThis may have very well been the song almost 10 years ago that put Meek on.


#3 Meek Mill-House Party- “White Girls gone wild… We don’t judge em though they ain’t on trial”… This was a party anthem. 


#2 Meek Mill- Ima Boss- You can not listen to this song without feeling like the man of the year.


#1- Meek Mill-Dreams and Nightmares-Best intro to a mixtape EVER… Enough said.


Let us know below what songs you think we missed!!

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