05/13/2019-Music Monday: Bob Marley

38 years ago we lost the great Bob Marley. Besides a reggae legend, rock n roll Hall of Famer, and marijuana advocate… Bob Marley was a social change activist. Below we have a list of not only our top 5 songs but also top 3 Bob Marley quotes. let us know what you think. What are your favorite quotes and songs from Bob Marley? RIP Bob Marley!


1.) when-you-smoke-the-herb-it-reveals-you-to-yourself-bob-marley-2





Now the JRF Squad top 5 Bob Marley songs list….

5.) Bob Marley- Jammin- The title says it all. This song is a jam. So go ahead and jam to it.


#4- Bob Marley- Three Little Birds- “Don’t worry about a thing because every little thing gonna be alright”


#3-Bob Marley-Buffalo Soldier- We know yall heard this one before!


#2-Bob Marley- One Love-“One love, One heart Let’s get together and feel all right”


#1- Bob Marley-No Woman, No Cry- This song is a sing-along anthem for a reason.

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