05/13/2019-Music Monday: Biggie Smalls

With Tuesday, May 21st supposed to being Biggie Smalls 47th birthday we decided to give him this week Monday Music Shoutout! This was arguably our hardest top 5 lists. Biggie Smalls is one of the greatest rappers of all time and had so many hits. I’m sure everyone has a different opinion. Let us know how you feel about our list. What songs did we miss?

#5- Get Money ft. Lil Kim- Fuck Bitches…Get Money-That saying from this song is still used to this day. Lil Kim adds her vibe to this song as well.


#4- Skys the Limit ft. 112– Need a song to uplift your spirit? This is it. The voice of 112 makes this song so smooth!


#3-Warning- Once you hear the alarm ringing, in the beginning, you know what song it is…The flow and lyrics of This song is one of the best.


#2-Big Poppa- I love it when you call me Big Poppa… If you ever watched the movie Hardball you have to love this song.


#1- JuicyIt was all dream….If you dont know know you know…. Enough said this will forever be a classic!


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