2019 JRF Panthers Season Preview

After a disappointing 2018 season, it will be interesting to see how the 2019 JRF Panthers Season unfolds. After a promising finish to the 2017 season, it seemed as if the JRF Panthers were on an upward trend. Last season, the team regressed which led to quite a few changes during the offseason. Below is a season preview.

2018 Record: 18-19 (Lost in semifinals)

2018 Finish: 4th Place

Key Losses from 2018 Roster: (Still to be determined)

Key Newcomers for 2019 Roster: Willie Schaeffer, Guy Porr, Luis Oquendo, Jay Ehrahrt Jr, and Phillip Graver.

2019 Schedule outlook: The JRF Panthers schedule is one of the harder schedules in the league. They face both Crushers and Johnny and Hons 4 times this season. The past two defending league champions.

2019 Question Marks: Will the team with quite a few new faces develop team chemistry? Will everyone from last years squad return? Can the team put a respectable team on the field game in and game out?

2019 Strengths: This is the teams 11th season so it now has some experience. Most of whom are in their prime. If everyone returns plus the newcomers; this team may actually have depth and flexibility at a variety of positions. Something the JRF Panthers never had before.

2019 Outlook: If everyone returns and the newcomers turn out to be the real deal, this 2019 JRF Panthers team could be a dark horse contender for the league title. If this does not happen it could just end up being another season of mediocrity. In a couple of days, we will be able to tell. Either way, we are excited the season is upon us!

The JRF Panthers season starts Monday, June 3rd! To learn more about the JRF Panthers Softball Season and check out the teams’ upcoming schedule please visit www.jrfpanthers.com


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