06/03/2019-Music Monday: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus just recently released her new LP “She is Coming”.  Now, most of at the squad are not impressed by the new LP but who knows maybe it will grow on us. What we will do is look back and run down our top 5 Miley songs of all time. Let us know what you think. What songs did we miss?

#5-See You Again– This was Miley’s first true hit as she was transforming from ‘Hannah Montana” to full pop star. This song isn’t actually that great unless you are a young teenager.  It does land on our list at #5 because it does have the ability to get stuck in your head no matter how you feel about it is catchy.


#4-Malibu- This chill song about the beautiful Malibu, California lands at #5 on our list.


#3-23-Miley joined the hip hop game for this song by collabing with artists Wiz Khalifa,  Mike Will, and Juicy J.


#2- Wrecking Ball– Everyone tried to make a parody of this song because it was so good and catchy.


#1-Party in the USA-Everyone knows this song. Once you hear the chorus you can’t help but sing.

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