04/29/2019-Music Monday: Willie Nelson

With Monday, April 29th being the great Willie Nelson's 86th birthday, it was only right the squad gives him this #Musicmonday shoutout. Besides being an actor and strong activist for marijuana, Willie Nelson is one of the most known artists in country music ever. Below is a list of our top 5 Willie Nelson's songs … Continue reading 04/29/2019-Music Monday: Willie Nelson


04/22/2019-Music Monday: Top 10 Songs About Marijuana

It was not only Easter this past weekend... it was 4/20! As you can imagine to those that celebrate Easter and 4/20 you can bet they were looking like Snoop Dogg in the photo below... Talking about Snoop Dogg we will get to him later in this article as instead of giving this #Mondaymusic shoutout … Continue reading 04/22/2019-Music Monday: Top 10 Songs About Marijuana